Exceptional Performer, Visionary, Promoter

“…music making of rare delicacy” (Geoffrey Chard, AM)

Louise Scott is a graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. She furthered her studies in London with Paul Hamburger and Geoffrey Parsons, and has worked with the Australian Opera, The Song Company, other regional opera companies, and chamber music groups. Before moving to the US, she made numerous tapings with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, was a clinician at Master Classes, and for eight years was a visiting lecturer at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney.

Whilst in the US, she was on the faculty of numerous universities culminating in her position as Professor of Accompaniment at DePauw University (Indiana) for four years where she created the accompanying program amongst other activities.

Ms. Scott has performed extensively in Australia as well as in London, Paris, Germany, the Far East, and the US including solo and collaborative work (instrumentalists and singers). Artists included among those performances are Daniel Stolper (oboe), Eric Johanson (tenor) and Jeff Foote (baritone). On the 6th March, 1995, she presented a faculty recital at Butler University featuring Twentieth Century music by Australian composers. This performance included the U.S. premiere of Pete Sculthorpe’s “Djilile” for cello and piano.

She initiated a competition for young performers in El Paso, judged piano competitions, conducted master classes and coached singers at all levels in the US. She founded the El Paso Summer Music Festival in 2005 and was instrumental in the establishment of ArtSong NSW in 2009. As part of her tenure as Artistic Director of the festival in El Paso, she gave a well-received concert of Australian twentieth and twenty-first century solo piano music in 2011. The concert included a world premiere of a work by Diana Blom. In 2012, she resigned her position as Artistic Director of the El Paso Summer Festival and her position of Music Director of ArtSong NSW to focus more on her performing career.

Since her return to Australiai in 2007 Louise has performed with Fiona Ziegler (violin), Deborah de Graaff (clarinet), Michael Lewis (baritone), Elizabeth Campbell (mezzo soprano), Warwick Fyfe (baritone), Margaret Plummer (mezzo soprano), David Corcoran (tenor), the late Amanda Thane (soprano), Nicole Youl (soprano), Linda Barcan (mezzo soprano) and others. In 2013 in Canberra, she premiered new works for voice by Larry Sitsky, Houston Dunleavy, Clare Maclean and May Howlett with Jenny Duck-Chong and Lotte Latukefu (contraltos). She has also performed with Sally-Anne Russell (mezzo soprano) in Sydney, Coffs Harbour and Tasmania.

Her passion for Art Song led to the creation of An die Musik (To Music) in 2018. Its mission is the education and performance of Art Song. Following 2019 and during the pandemic of 2020, Ms. Scott was inspired to create Online Art Song Experience (OASE). Her mission in doing so is to educate and grow audiences, to foster the love of Art Song, and at the same time give artists work and a means of expression. Her desire is to reach and grow audiences around the world. Recent presentations from Online Art Song Experience include Ms. Scott performing with Adrian Tamburini (bass-baritone), and Jennifer Black (soprano) on YouTube and with Brad Cooper (tenor) and Jane Ede (soprano) on Vimeo.

In August 2023, Ms. Scott teamed up with Jane Ede to present “Supernatural” for the Newcastle Music Festival.

Ms. Scott and her team are looking forward to releasing ‘In Depth”, an extension OASE which will provide an in-depth examination of various aspects of Art Song specifically, as well as music more generally. Look for these releases to come out later in 2024.

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