Inspiring the Next Generation …

… Living by Example …

… With Gratitude

Ms Scott
I hope this email finds you well.

I would like to take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks for your incredible support during Ella’s CMus violin exam rehearsals and on the exam day within such a short period of time.

Your professionalism, attention to detail, and musical expertise were evident throughout the rehearsals and on the exam day. It is heartening to know that we had such a skilled and supportive accompanist guiding us through this important musical journey.

Ella and I are sincerely grateful for the time and effort you invested in ensuring that every musical nuance was perfected. Your contribution played a significant role in her confident and expressive performance during the exam.

Once again, thank you for your invaluable support. We are fortunate to have had you as part of this musical endeavor, and your passion for music has left a lasting impression on both of us.

Looking forward to the possibility of working together again in the future.

Best regards


Dear Ms Scott,

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you and how much I will miss you here. I want to thank you for all the time you have accompanied me whether it was for assessments, events or showcases, as I am grateful for every time you’ve helped me over all the rehearsals and performances.

I have learnt so much from you about the art of performing, increasing my confidence and more about the meaning and culture in the music. I have enjoyed every time we have been able to play together, and look forward to any future opportunities we may have.

Thank you for being so kind, supportive and encouraging where your influence will forever be felt.

Thank you for your ever kind presence and talent you share. We will miss you greatly.


Dear Louise,

You are an amazing pianist, and a great accompanist for my exams, since grade 2. You have a lot of patience, kindness and a great sense of humour.

Thank You!


Dear Louise,

Having attended your public performances, observed one of your lessons and viewed your online videos, you are a marvel of intelligence, talent, passion and persistence. Your students will remember their time with you as some of the most rewarding times of their lives.

As a very average musician and part-time composer, I meekly asked you for a lesson on one of my pieces. You agreed. That one lesson changed my musical life forever. I had never previously had any lesson from any other teacher which gave me so much insight in such a short time.

You taught me to sing my piece. You taught me the lines and phrases of my piece. You taught me to feel my piece.

Thank you most humbly for that one incredible lesson. You’re worth your weight in gold!

With Gratitude,


Dear Louise,

Thank you for your kindness to our family this year and in all the ways you have supported Alfie in his piano journey.



Dear Louise,

Thank you so very much for helping the Junior School over the years. I especially appreciate your support with Performer of the Year – the way you’ve committed your time and energy, sharing your passion for music.